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Edward 'Present' In New Moon?

I haven't updated in two days. Really, I've felt there was nothing to talk about. Now, there is, so let the ranting begin!

If you're a fan of Twilight, you should know the story of New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella emotionally breaks down. Bella becomes BFF with Jake. Jake makes Bella happier than she's been in a while. Bella gets into accidents and hears Edward's voice. Bella continues to do stupid things for that reason. Bella jumps off of cliff. Jake 'saves' her. Alice doesn't see that part. Rosalie calls Edward. (He's in Italy.) He thinks she's dead. He tries to get himself killed. Alice and Bella get to Italy in time to save him. The Volturi meet Bella. Jane's power doesn't work on her. They decide she (Bella) needs to either be eaten or turned. They're going to keep tabs on the situation.

Okay, that was longer than necessary, especially since you already knew everything. However, there was kind of a point. (I just made it up right now. :D) Everyone who has read New Moon knows that Edward isn't in most of it. Jacob really gets his shot, and Bella experiences what it's like to care for him but to be without Edward. It's a double-edged sword.

But I personally think that's what makes the book great.

I admit -- I'm a little biased with my love for Jacob. As much as I've always wanted Bella and Edward to be together, I loved reading about my favorite wolf. But that doesn't mean I was glad Edward was gone.

I'll get to the point. In this article, Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger discuss how Twilight has changed Summit. One question produces a particularly interesting answer.

THR: There is talk that because Edward is out of the picture for much of "New Moon," there will be elements of the second and third books combined into the second movie.

Wachsberger: No, but Edward is present for the movie.

Now, I'm not going to throw myself into a frenzy because I really don't understand what that means. However, that's the point. What does 'Edward is present for the movie' even mean? Are they talking about the scenes that Edward is just naturally in? Are they going to do some interesting manipulation with when Bella hears his voice? Are they going to alter the storyline? WHAT!?

There's no doubt that Robert's popularity has sky-rocketed since this film. He was voted as People's 13th sexiest man alive. Girls of all ages are swooning. It's become ridiculous. You can't go anywhere without hearing how gorgeous he is now. And some people have taken that as a sign that without Robert, the movie won't sell as well.

Robert's performance was great. So was Kristen's. So as everybody else's. I can understand the fear, but I don't think it's validated. Remember the 75,000 people who petitioned to have him removed from the role of Edward? Until the viral advertising of Twilight, nobody even really knew or cared about Robert. Of course, he'll always have those die-hard from the beginning fans, but those don't make up the majority of the Twilght fanbase. And to be clear, when I say that few cared about him, I didn't mean as a person. He's well worth caring about; however, very few people were familiar with his work. It's hard to be passionate about somebody that you don't know very well.

It's safe to say, then, that Robert wasn't the one who brought in all of the fans to the theaters. It was Twilight itself.

The same thing is going to happen here with New Moon.

A lot of people probably want to see Rob, but the majority will already know the storyline and accept that he's not in most of it. They'll still go see it anyway. Maybe the hardcore anti-Jacob fans will be miffed about the uberness of the wolf's presence, but even they know what is going to happen.

I'm a little worried that by 'Edward is present in New Moon', they mean they're adding scenes. I, personally, am 100% against that. Not because, like I mentioned, I'm happy about Edward being gone (because I'm not), but because I think this storyline is of an incredibly sensitive nature.

Some have mentioned that perhaps they'll show Edward talking to Bella. That might do the smallest amount of damage than the other choices, but it would seriously irk me. Bella can't see Edward. She looks for him, but she only hears him. That's because his voice is in her imagination. Edward doesn't KNOW what's going on. Her imagination is fabricating his presence. As Stephenie said, if Edward knew what was going on, he would leave to get to her IMMEDIATELY.

Some have suggested that maybe they'll depict Edward's 'adventures' in Italy; show his pain. And while that would be cool, let's save that for the sequel to Dark High Noon. *cough* Most of the Twilight series -- from Twilight to Beaking Dawn-- is from Bella's point of view. The first movie did really way in staying that way, and that's how the series should continue.

There are numerous possibilities as to what they could mean when they 'Edward is present'. Short of them meaning that he is present in the original scenes from the book, I'm pessimistic about the outcome.

You know what happens, but let me rant, okay?

Edward doesn't just take a vacation or take time off to think about things. He leaves, and he takes everything with him. After Jasper attacks, Edward begins to recalculate his relationship with Bella and decides that it isn't safe. His departure to Italy is an attempt to erase himself from her life. That's pretty dramatic.

When he's gone, Bella is described as catatonic. She goes through the motions, but she doesn't live her life. And then she starts hanging out with Jacob. He takes her mind off of the pain. She never forgets Edward and the pain without him, but she feels better with Jacob than she's felt since the loss of Edward.

But then she hears his voice. She fixes up motorcycles and cliff dives and does all of this stupid stuff just to hear his voice. It's a voice that's only in her head, much less. And after cliff diving, Alice gets a vision and doesn't see Jake pulling her to shore because of he's a werewolf, so everyone thinks Bella's dead. Even Edward. He thought that by leaving her, she would be safe, but it looked like she still died anyway. And that's when Edward becomes desparate. He loses it and decides to get himself killed. Bella and Alice barely make it in time!

There's so much suspense that is involved in the book. Why would they change it? Somebody mentioned about twilight: Why change it when it's selling? If Edward is present for the movie in places where he's supposed to be absent, that takes away from the intensity of the story. We should all being wondering where the hell Edward is and what he's doing, even the fans who have read the books. If Edward's there, there's no room left for questioning!

Plus, Robert could use the time off. :( The guy seems so fragile. It would definitely be a nice break for him.

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