Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight Release Party? Not For Me!

So everyone seems to have had a blast this past weekend because they got to attend a fabulous release party.

Now, when Kaleb Nation posted a blog about how a Twilight star could be coming to my town, I scoffed and called him a liar. Seriously, who was going to stop by Rapid City, South Dakota when they're a part of a huge franchise? Um... Maybe Amber the Waitress? I'm pretty sure even the guy who played the teacher was too famous for that. So I didn't expect to see anybody cool from the movie at my Borders.

However, I did expect to go to a party.

My best friend Christianna dragged me along with some other people over to Borders a little earlier than planned. She was going to finish the latest House of Night novel and I would read up on the Twilight Director's Handbook (or notebook or whatever; not as interesting as I anticipated) while we waited.

We did wait...

For an hour...

And then a woman announced over the intercom that there would be no Twilight release party, sorry for the confusion. When asked about this, she said it was only the big corporate stores that were being involved. I was devastated.

Before we left an hour later, though, we were told of a party over at Hot Topic. Um, okay. Let's just go there instead. So we traveled to the mall down the street and waited in line for a half-hour. Robin (one of the workers) took a picture of me and said that I should sign up for the autograph of Taylor Lautner. I was ecstatic.

We were one away from the door. The woman at the front asked if the people before us had their invitations. They produced them promptly. That set off alarms automatically. "Invitations? Hm... Well, maybe that just means you get special privileges..." We get there next, she asks, and we reply that no, we don't have any invitations. Her response was an awkward, "Um... Oh... Well... I can't... let you in... then..." We stood there for a second, not comprehending what we had just been told because this woman obviously doesn't speak English. We can't go in? But... But... TAYLOR LAUTNER AUTOGRAPH! MUST HAVE! I!

Once we realized we'd just been shafted ("But you can still buy the DVD at midnight!" "Eh. We don't have any money."), we found we were still allowed to have cake and punch, took some, and sat on the floor like rejected puppies.

That's what I get for not being a mall rat anymore.

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